Theories of the life of Robert Mack

Robert Mack, what is he hiding?

Fey – Believes Robert to be an ex hit man for the mob.

  • Evidence- The constant presence of high ranking mob members, and Robert’s mention of old “hunting trips” he used to go on while refusing to say where they were or what he hunted.

Eva – Believes Mr. Mack to secretly be part of a cult that participates in human sacrifice.

  • Evidence- His secretive nature and odd selection of close friends, also the nasty stories patrons tell of his youth.

Elsie – Believes her “Bobby” just to be an average man who just uses all the glitz and glamor of the speakeasy to escape his humdrum life.

  • Evidence – The lack of any proof or record of his wrong doings, and the fact that he is married but rarely mentions his wife.

Theories of the life of Robert Mack

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