Welcome to The Living End

What happens when a love of the weird and strange combines with a hatred of law and order? Robert Mack grew up always fascinated by faery tales and horror stories, and as a wealthy middle child with no direction or supervision his fascination soon turned malicious. He was eager to try and recreate stories he heard, but such fun can only last so long. After a few run-ins with the law, and a growing distaste for modern life, he soon turned to petty theft and bootlegging. Age crept up on him, and soon enough he had to find a stationary place to turn out his ills on the world. So he formed The Living End; drinks and dames of the weird. An oddly old fashion speakeasy nestled in a dark alley in Boston’s most ritzy neighborhood, it caters not only to the very wealthy’s need for booze, but also their lust for oddity and tragedy…Plus it gives poor old Robert some satisfaction knowing he’s harboring mob bosses and criminals right under the noses of some of his most hated enemies. Robert holds dark secrets in his bar, and three of them are his star performers. Eva, Fey, and Elsie are all girls that are never seen outside of the bar…and all of them having something different about them. Beautiful women despite their strangeness; an albino, amputee, and a woman who never removes the dark veil from in front of her face. Now he has tracked down a female mute saxophonist, and she is scheduled to play soon, because soon there is to be an important meeting between two of the biggest controlling forces of the city….Let’s just hope Robert doesn’t have any sinister tricks up his sleeve.

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The Living End

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