Anyone and Everyone

Player Characters:

The following list will be all the PC’s who have entered into this story, and what has happened to them if they are no longer in the group. The link in their names will take you to their character sheets (may not be updated).

Millie Parker – A young moll working as the door girl of the speakeasy the story starts out in.

Samatha “Sam/Sammie” Winsdale – A talented, but mute, saxophonist. She is a strange girl with a haunted look in her eye, causing Robert Mack to seek her out personally so she could play for his “social club”.

Non Player Characters:

I will not list every single person you are going to encounter, despite how well you like a particular NPC unless they becomes a party member or enter a relationship with a PC, they’re not getting an entry on this page. Those that are listed are here because they are either a person of importance to the story, or because a PC has entered into a relationship with them (not just romantic, but friendship or business as well).

Robert Mack – The owner and head bartender of The Living End

Eva, Fey, and Elsie – The trio of infamous performers that Robert employees.


The Living End Primrose